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Find your inner spark.

Find your passion.

My present 

Founder ReImagine Education

Trainer & Co-Founder UBB Radio Online Training sessions

Associate teacher at FSPAC

Business & Brand Strategist

Mentor &  Consultant

What others say

It was a real pleasure to work with Madalina. 


Communicating perfectly in an harmonius way, we could share our experiences together for our public formed out of students.


I can say that I have learned a lot from Madalina, numerous interesting things and useful ones. 

Thank you for this experience!

Maia Morgenstern

Director Teatrul Evreiesc de Stat

It is a real pleasure having Madalina around and cooperating with her.

She is eager to learn, to perfect her skills and to constantly improve her knowledge.


Beyond her driving performance, Madalina fights hard for her beliefs. She was always willing to offer her assistance and had an excellent rapport with all the persons she was in contact, including clients and partners.


Madalina is the kind of person you would enjoy to have as a trustworthy and valuable business partner

Monica Eugeniu

Managing Director ‘learning about’® 

Madalina impresses with her creativity and vision.


She is animated by a powerful wish to have an impact in a domain that is extremely important for society: education. 

I found in Madalina a brave, honest and professional partner who won my trust and my respect. 



Sinziana Maioreanu

CEO Aegon Romania

My story and my red string: Education

I started to actively participate in volunteering projects organized within my high-school, but also extracurricular ones. I have created along with my colleagues, projects focused on nonviolence in schools, coordinated the high-school theater group and participated in national projects. 


At 15 

It was in 2013, during my second year of college when I participated at the European project that changed my perspective on education: you can definetly learn differently through non-formal education. 


The moment when I discovered non-formal education

I discover event management


during my faculty years. If during high-school I coordinated small teams of students, when faculty started I discovered the real value of volunteering: event management, European projects, radio/TV/written materials and international conferences. 

during my 2nd year of college when I got involved in this international political project: Model NATO Youth Summit which for the first time encouraged me to see event organization at a new different angle. I have worked with an international team from various countries and it was just amazing. 

I made this crazy thing




In 2013, passionate about my discoveries, I started to write my own Erasmus+ projects and facilitate education for the first time for students from multiple countries. 

My purpose was to motivate young people to actively engage in volunteering work within their communities. 


I started to facilitate education myself

I gained confidence in teaching differently and along with my colleague Calin Cretu, we started 7 years ago this innovative training sessions for students from journalism. We meet every week for 5 months from 8-10PM and learn students how to love radio and how to get involved in volunteering activities. 


Starting UBB Radio Online - My love



I was still really passionate about event management, therefore I got a job at Libero Events in 2015 where I have organized business conferences for architects, eShop owners and women entrepreneurs. I learned to love communities reuniting more than 1500 people annualy during the events. 


My first job: Event Management

I am an Associate Professor for 4 years at Babeș Bolyai University, Journalism department where I still continue to teach non-formal education and inspire students to want more from their lives. 


I start teaching at UBB



Events for women entrepreneurs


Strategy and event management helped me develop in multiple directions. As an event manager I was in charge of: negotiation, sponsorship, contacting participants/speakers, logistics, account management etc. 

Moreover, I became CEO of The Woman in order to promote education for women entrepreneurs. 



With ReImagine Education my vision starts to gain shape:

- I create and facilitate training sessions for entrepreneurs and students


- I develop and implement business and branding strategies for companies that see education as a business focus. 


Founder ReImagine Education


More to come

My Vision

I know that we are many souls that go in the same direction – we have this need to growing, of understanding life –  and that is why my wish was to always create the contexts where people can actually do so.  

A future closer to ourselves

During recent years, I started to build communities of women entrepreneurs, online managers, architects or students. Event management was a really important step in my personal and professional development, but at the same time, I was always having in my bag my colorful markers, post-its, scissors and my game Jenga. With these, I facilitated education for both students and adults through experience, joy and energy, as my vision is for people to come closer to themselves and their passions. 

I want to find that hidden spark that exists within all of us. 

Projects that change the lives of others and inspire them

How can I support you?

I want to collaborate with you on programs, concepts and solutions that bring a new perspective on education.

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