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The employee must learn various skills in the workplace and must be able to operate multiple software packages. It is important to document and implement consistent standards within the company.

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Students should know the characteristics to determine the organizational needs, requirements, and capabilities for information technology related to design and documentation.

Skills in designing, testing and editing document templates are required.

It is also necessary to know how to control the implementation of standard documentation templates. There must be significant developments in business. Document production processes should determine the financial resources associated with the implementation of standard documentation.

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Software applications should be defined with knowledge of the basic characteristics required to regulate and maintain the standards that affect document creation.

The organization's documentation and manufacturing policies and procedures need to be outlined. The expertise available to the company should also be discussed.

For many parts of the business, designing policies, procedures, and standards is an ongoing process. Businesses need to implement policies and infrastructures that enable proper risk management, even if they meet business needs. The principles must be detailed and must explain why, what, who, where.

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